Compositions for the palate

In 1807 Jakob-Christoph Hug took over a music shop on Augustinergasse in Zurich from which evolved one of the leading music and musical instrument stores in Switzerland. Many years later, in 1993, we discovered a picture-postcard vineyard in the idyllic «La Clape» mountain range between the town of Narbonne and the Mediterranean. Since then, Château Laquirou has been carefully and painstakingly restored. Today, wines full of Mediterranean charm and finesse are born here. To use the jargon of the music world, we can speak of «successful compositions for the palate» .

Music and wine have always been close friends. Mozart celebrated the fermented juice of the vine while Neil Diamond sang of the positive feelings that a glass of red wine imparts. Even the language used to describe music and wine has many similarities. Expressions such as «dancing lightness» or «refreshing reverberation» can be used to describe both a sonata by Frédéric Chopin or a white cru, made, for example, from the Bourboulenc grape native to southern France. Music and wine are also true soul-mates in terms of the creative process. Just as a composer adds melodies, rhythms or chords to a composition, so the winemaker «composes» a wine - often from different grape varieties and different plots of land.