Château Laquirou lies hidden in a vast hollow, protected by two valley flanks. It is more than a vineyard – it is a habitat in which wild boar, partridges and grass snakes feel at home and migratory birds such as the blue roller and the bee-eater breed. It is also a place where people work, celebrate and enjoy life.
Visitors to Château Laquirou can explore our grape show-garden following a wine tasting. Conscious of our affiliation with the wine culture of the Mediterranean region, we have planted rare, almost forgotten grape varieties from different countries and marked them with information boards. Discover unfamiliar grape varieties such as «Maticha» from Morocco, «Bokaskère» from Turkey, «Einuni» from Israel or the old Languedoc varieties «Terret» and «Aspiran».


La Clape is easy to understand. You only have to be there once, wandering through the villages and vines, and you are captivated by the former island that has long since been joined the mainland. That’s how we felt when we fell in love with the winery many years ago. La Clape has always retained its special character – wild beauty, raw landscapes, rugged rocks, the garrigue and its distinctive flora and fauna. Pine forests exist here as does the unique Centaurea corymbosa – a cliff-dwelling knapweed – as well as wild herbs, such as rosemary, thyme and lavender.


In 1979, Erika Hug took over the management of Musik Hug AG from her father. About ten years later, she married Eckard Harke, a skilled and successful music dealer from Detmold in Germany. Their happiness was then complete with the birth of their son, Julian Christoph Eckard Hug.
In the 1990s, Erika Hug became intensively involved in purchasing a vineyard in France and acquired Château Laquirou in 1993. A dream came true – and then the hard work began. Since 2021, Julian Hug has managed this unique estate close to the Mediterranean and he continues to run the winery in the same spirit as his mother did.

To round off the winery experience and meet the many visitor requests, two vacation apartments (gîtes) will be available from 2022.



Julian Hug und Bettina Eberle

JULIAN HUG & Bettina Eberle

In the summer of 2021, Julian took over Château Laquirou, giving a lot of thought to the future, especially in terms of strategy and preventing soil compaction. With the support of his partner, Bettina Eberle, the winery has a new online presence and lovingly finished gîtes.“You never get bored at Château Laquirou, and there are still many exciting projects in the pipeline,” says Julian Hug.

Erika Hug und Eckard Harke


Since acquiring this beautiful spot of land, Erika Hug – with the support of her husband, Eckard Harke-Hug – carefully restored the winery step by step and made it what it is today. Before handing it over to Julian in 2021, she fulfilled another dream by renovating the “Grande Maison” and the gîtes.

Julian Hug und David Amiel


Our long-time Estate Manager – tall, broad-shouldered and a picture-perfect “Languedocien”. David Amiel is deeply rooted in the region and as a former national-level rugby player, he keeps his eye on the ball without losing sight of his teammates. He thinks little of the trend towards opulent wines, which also persists in the Languedoc, arguing: “What we prefer to strive for at Château Laquirou is a symbiosis of Mediterranean charm and finesse.”


The on-site team (from back to front, from left to right)
Julian, Camille, Eric, David, Jean-Marc, Myriam, Frederic